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Training band

The training band are starting their preparation for the Christmas season.  An excellent turnout this morning

See you all next week..



Creswell Colliery Training Band

The training band sessions are up and running again under the baton and guidance of Catherine Heelin who is bringing fun and enjoyment to Saturday mornings, please contact the band if you wish to join us. 


The Training Band was formed in October 2012, with the aim of teaching learners of all ages to play a brass instrument, and to make music together.  Since then, the Training Band has increased in membership, and has performed in a number of concerts.

We hold rehearsals every Saturday morning in the Band Room which are run by members of our main band.  Due to popular demand, we hold two sessions as follows:

9.30 am - 10 am - our group for absolute beginners meets up.  No previous musical experience is necessary, and tuition is given in brass instruments and music reading. 

10 am - 11 am - this is our group for players who know the basics of playing an instrument and reading music.  The aim is to get the players working together to play ensemble pieces.

There is no charge for the sessions, though we may occasionally ask for a small contribution towards the supply of books and teaching materials.  We have a stock of band instruments that are available on loan, in most cases free of charge.

Below the Band Room, Clowne Methodist Church usually holds Coffee Mornings to raise money for local charities between 10 - 12, and some of the band members drop in for a coffee after rehearsals.  The Training Band often puts on concerts at the coffee mornings.

Making music is fun. Come and find out for yourself! 



Creswell Colliery Brass Band is committed to caring and preserving the safest possible environment for children to play in a brass band.

It is the duty of all committee members and other individuals directly involved with the training band to be aware of and help prevent the abuse which children can suffer whether it be physical, sexual or emotional abuse, neglect or bullying.

Creswell Colliery Band accepts that children's welfare is paramount and all children whatever their age, culture, disability, gender or religious belief, have the right to protection against abuse.

All suspicious and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.